About Us

Cheryl VanFosson

Founder & CEO

Having worked closely with entrepreneurs over the years, I developed a passion for helping small business owners with accounting. It seems most entrepreneurs have an innovative and big-picture personality, which makes the detail-oriented nature of accounting highly undesirable. However, it is a necessary part of any business. My goal is to fulfill that need for small business owners at an affordable price, without having to sacrifice quality.              

With nearly 20 years experience, Cheryl has worked in many accounting roles. She started her career as an Accounts Receivable Clerk at a non-profit education center. Before creating A Count Ability, LLC, she served as the CFO of a multi-million dollar corporation. In 2001 she earned a BSBA degree with a concentration in Accounting from East Carolina University. She graduated with High Distinction, having earned a 4.0 GPA, from Liberty University with a Master of Science in Accountancy in 2014. 

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"A Count Ability has taken the weight off our shoulders by handling the financial management of my business. They go above and beyond in finding solutions to help our processes run seamlessly. Cheryl is extremely friendly. She communicates clearly, is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. She always takes time to explain everything in detail & have a great understanding of our bookkeeping needs and expectations. We are a new business and extremely busy and Cheryl thankfully offered extra support for no additional fee. If you want highly personalized and tailored service, do not hesitate to work with Cheryl."

Pischy Izady - Owner, DARE2LiVE COACH, LLC

About Our Logo

        "Time is money: money spent and money earned. The balance of both is time well spent." 

- Cheryl VanFosson


Accounting is based on a system of balances (double entry accounting), which is illustrated in the logo by the scale. The scale also resembles a cross. Christ is at the heart of everything I do, especially the heart of this business. Christ has taught me accountability and integrity, which are essential core values of this business. The clock and money bag on opposite sides of the scale represent the balance of time and money. I truly believe that learning how to balance your time and money is one of the greatest keys to success in life!