Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have certain accounting software?

Yes, we use QuickBooks Online exclusively, but we can make the transition for you. We want to make sure we are experts in the software we use in order to perform our work efficiently and accurately. Although our team has experience with several different accounting software packages, we have found that QuickBooks Online allows us to work 100% remotely, integrates with numerous useful apps, and works extremely well for most company types and sizes. All of our accountants and bookkeepers receive continuous training on the use of QuickBooks Online to stay up to date with its newest features and to earn the QuickBooks Pro Advisor certification. The best part, you don't have to pay extra for the software. It is included with our services!

What if I am using a different accounting software, but I want to use your services?

We will make the software transition to QuickBooks Online for you free of charge. The monthly cost of the software is included in your affordable monthly fixed price. As a QuickBooks Online Accountant, I can purchase subscriptions for my clients at a 50% discount and I pass those savings on to you. 

Since you work 100% remotely, how can my vendors get paid and customers get invoiced?

QuickBooks Online makes it easy to make secure direct deposit payments to vendors. We can also set up online bill payments to vendors and send invoices to customers by email. The integrated apps can help you to do most everything from your phone or tablet directly at your workplace or in the field, while automatically syncing to the accounting books. If you prefer paper checks and invoices, we will communicate with you or someone at your office to make sure everything is recorded correctly and paid on time. The automatic bank feeds will make sure nothing gets missed!

Do I need to have my books in order before hiring your firm?

Not at all! We enjoy turning messes into organized streamlined machines. You can say goodbye to the shoebox of receipts forever! QuickBooks Online allows us to store documents securely on the cloud and can even store receipt copies to the corresponding transactions for easy retrieval.

Will I lose control of my accounting with an outside agency handling it?

No. We will have your books balanced and reconciled with your bank account regularly so you will know exactly how your business is doing and have more financial control. QuickBooks Online can upload directly from your bank(s) securely without us even knowing your account numbers or online banking logins. We can also advise on additional financial controls you can make to reduce the potential for fraud.

Are we able to integrate our CRM, inventory, or e-commerce apps/systems with QuickBooks Online (QBO)?

There are numerous apps that integrate seamlessly with QBO: Method:CRM, SOS Inventory, Veem, Sync with Square, TSheets Time Tracking, Expensify, Payments (Paypal Business & Stripe) and many more! Some apps are free with our service and others can be purchased at a discount through us. Contact us to find out how apps can help make your business run more efficiently and accurately!

A Count Ability, LLC knows that accounting can be confusing at times. We would love to answer any questions you still have to ensure that all your needs are met. Click below to schedule a free consultation.