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A Count Ability, LLC PRICING

We want to make sure we price the right value for our customers. Request a free consultation below so I can create a customized plan to best meet your business' needs at a price you can afford! Working 100% remotely allows us to offer you lower prices than hiring an employee.

In comparison, in the United States:

  • A full-time bookkeeper salary is on average $3,632.58/mo.*

  • A part-time 20hrs/wk bookkeeper salary is on average $1,806/mo.*

  • A full-time CFO salary is on average $11,170/mo.*

*From as of June 17, 2020

The above salary figures don't even include the following additional costs of an employee: company's share of medicare/social security; work comp insurance; benefits (health insurance, PTO, 401K, etc.); time spent training and managing the employee; overhead costs (office space, supplies, equipment, software).  When you add all of this to the average salary cost, it is easy to see how our 100% remote CFO and bookkeeping services will save your business both time and money!