Giving you the bottom line and saving you time, so you have more time to focus on growing your business.

Our Services

  • Cash Management: Record all incoming and outgoing transactions from your integrated bank and credit card accounts. Your account information stays secure, because you set it up directly into QBO without us knowing your account numbers.

  • Invoicing (accounts receivable): Track paid, unpaid and upcoming payments from customers so you always know the state of your business' cash flow.

  • Bill Payments (accounts payable): Set-up automatic payments and monitor upcoming expenses so you can project your cash flow needs.

  • Payroll: Easily evaluate your current and upcoming payroll expenses by viewing the costs of employees. We outsource the payroll management to experts in the field, dependent on the best match for your business' needs & we import data into QBO.

  • Budgeting: Based on your financials, create a detailed budget specific to your needs and pave the way for new growth.

  • Forecasting: As your business grows and takes on more accounts, we can help to determine the rate at which you’ll grow.

  • Customer & industry analysis: By analyzing customer transactions & statistics of other businesses in your industry, you can determine which customers and/or industries help you generate the highest revenue.

  • Generate financial statements: Instead of spending hours in an Excel sheet, instantly create reports that tell you what you need to know about your business’s performance.

  • Ongoing reconciliation: As your business incurs new expenses and generates revenue, online bookkeeping services can help you reconcile these costs

  • Cloud-based software: Rather than storing information locally, online bookkeeping services help you log expenses in the cloud—meaning anyone in your business can access this detailed information remotely, or you can keep it all to yourself.

  • Prepare for tax season: As you log new invoices and make additional payments, prepare your business for a quick and simple tax process. We outsource the tax preparation to experts in the tax industry to ensure you get the best service!

Included in all price plans:

QuickBooks Pro Online Accounting Software

Dedicated Bookkeeper to process day-to-day income & expenses, including online bill pay!

Monthly Bank Reconciliations. (Transactions imported daily)

CFO Consulting: Budget, Cash Flow Projection, Needs Assessment

Secure Document Cloud Storage

Mileage Tracking (can be done via free app)

Monthly Financial Reports

Sales Tax Filing (if applicable)

Integrated Mobile Apps (Many free)

Reviewing and Preparing books for your Tax CPA

1099/1096 Contractor Annual Filing & Direct Deposit Payments (monthly)

Free Docusign Limited Plan & 20% of Intuit Checks, Forms, & Supplies

Several more features are also available depending on the price plan structure best suited for your business. Most plans also include custom made invoicing, accounts receivable monitoring, and accounts payable tracking.

Additional features in our most popular plans include: payroll processing, work comp insurance administration and audit prep, inventory tracking, time-tracking by job, multi-currency, location/class/job/project tracking and internal control policy review. Click below to schedule a free consultation to find out all of the time and money saving options we provide!